SFI Product's new retail product lines combine contemporary and traditional concepts of style and design with every day usefulness. With a Greeting Card Candle, you can give a greeting that lasts. 10 different messages are available. Our OdorBlast Pet and Smoke odor eliminating candles. 
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homefund raisingretail specialty productsnew productsabout us

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SFI has been in the fund raising business for over 20 years and has built a solid foundation with clients and distributors alike. We produce all of the candles throughout our brochures in our Somerset, Kentucky factory under the trade name ...  SFI - Finest Fragrance.
SFI Ad Specialty prides itself in its ability to offer ad specialty products through our candles and aroma products, and all done in-house. From business-wide employee gifts to keepsakes for potential clients, ad specialty merchandise shows the effort put into that extra step you take - using our finest fragranced candles.